NEWS FLASH! Actor Corey Allen Kotler Found Guilty of Binge Watching The Walking Dead

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

As a Jewish kid growing up in Bayside, Queens, during the prehistoric days of disco, I wasn't taught to be handy. At a young age I was told, " if something needs to be fixed open the Yellow Pages (Today you can find Yellow Pages in museums next to pay phones and #2 pencils) and hire someone to fix whatever needed to be fixed."  As an adult although I don't fancy myself as a 'do-it-yourself'er'. I did in fact jerryrig my toilet once but that didn't end well; please forgive me for taking the long winded route of explaining that the concept of building my own website horrified the living daylights out of me! Someone told me about Wix and all I can say is Wix rhymes with dicks. Wix was a nightmare. The good news is that this story has a happy ending.  I was able to get a full refund and that I discovered GoDaddy's Website Builder. I am so not getting paid to endorse them, I just truly love their service. For a whopping $17.00 I got a do it yourself template that even I could master along with hosting! Credit where credit is due, I would have been lost in space (reference the same museum with the pay phones) if it wasn't for GoDaddy's unlimited 24/7 telephone assistance. AND THE KICKER IS THAT THEIR 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL CENTERS ARE ACTUALLY LOCATED IN THE UNITED STATES! Scientifically I didn't know that was possible.  Every time I turn around it seems that I learn something new thing from GoDaddy. And on top of that, their head 'muckey muck's' name is Auguste Goldman which dispels any prior misinfomation that Jews do in fact name their kids Auguste. For more info on the wonderful world of Corey Allen Kotler check out my Word Press site 

​​​​Life is not a dress rehersal and as you can see, I live everyday to the max! Not long ago I experienced the  pleasure of flying on a private jet for the first time and  it was an eye opening and life changing experience. Once I experienced the very best that life has to offer I made it a focus to improve the quality of my life. I'm just an average guy that grew up in Queens and for those of us that aren't oil tycoons,  when traveling I learned that I can still improve the quality of my life. Thanks to Charter Fight Group  I learned that one can actually book a one way trip on a private jet domestically or internationally. Give them a call and tell them Corey sent ya!

Acting Sure Ain't Boring!

I have a lousy relationship with my long time agent, Theo Caesar. As you can see from this picture he didn't get excited when he called me into the office to tell me that I booked a role in the upcoming 2017 blockbuster Suburbicon

The ONLY way to fly!


The day of my Suburbicon audition was the same day as my dear friend Zachary Alexander Rice's birthday. Zachary Alexander Rice is a 12 year old actor who I've been mentoring since he was 5! So that morning I deemed it important and allocated the time to show up on the front lawn of his house in a gorilla suit to sing him "Happy Birthday!" Here's a clip

Corey Allen Kotler About Me

(More back story on Suburbicon)

GoDaddy Rocks!

In preparation for an upcoming role I got to go on a drive along with the National Intellegence Group! The National Intellegence Group are actual real life bullet proof vest wearing, artillary toting, door kicking in bounty hunters! Rolling with them was more than quite a thrill to say the least, it was an insightful and eye opening experience that most people never see (and believe me, you never want to be the recipient of one of their visits). In all seriousness, I need to dispel the misconception that bounty hunters are in it for the fat paycheck. In reality, these hard working men and woman risk their lives and probably don't make much more than an Uber driver.  Alan Horner and his team at the National Intellegence Group do what they do to feed their families and they do their part to make the world a safer place.  And what's shocking is that although they pack heat, they aprehend desperators peacefully, using their brains and diplomacy. They're also private investigators, process servers and bail bondsman.