I'm in the Emmy issue of Hollywood Reporter w/ Transparent

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Andy Samberg.

Back stage with the King of Comedy, Don Rickels!

My very first job in show biz was with his majesty, the King of Pop!  #History Album

If you don't love Rob Reiner then you're just not American!

Working with Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols on the set of Unbelievable!!!!! in Malibu, CA

Edward James Olmos is the actors actor.

             Martin Short ROCKS!


Hollywood royalty, Mr. Beau Bridges.

Back stage at the MTV Movie Awards with Seth Rogen.

With Terrence Howard at a screening of Empire at FOX. The man is 100% class.

Taylor Swift, Wildest Dreams directed by Joseph Kahn

Blessed to work with SNL legend Garret Morris!

Here Dr. Oz is handing me an actual human prostate. Brings a new meaning to 'turn your head and cough!'

A Champion and a true gentleman, Manny Pacquiao.

Corey Allen Kotler celebrity pictures and videoType your paragraph here.

Richie Sambora also ROCKS!.

Corey Kotler - Full clips from Zachary Alexander Rice on Vimeo.

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Backstage at the MTV Movie Awards with Peter Dinklage. (Photo taken with the iPhone 1)

Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party Reverend Jackson! He's so nice, I'l say it twice! Thank you Reverend Jesse Jackson!

Here are a few of my favorite TV comedy skits including the opening number of the MTV Movie Awards with Rebel Wilson, Jimmy Kimmel Live !  and the Tonight Show enjoy!.

Filming an episode of Rizzoli and Isles with Angie Harmon at Paramount.

I'll always welcome a hug from my buddy John Gemberling!

While working on 2 Broke Girls, Warner Bros Studios Stage 21

With Jeffrey at the world premiere of Transparent.The man is a role model.

If Marlon wants to take a selfie, let him take a selfie!

Between takes on the set of Transparent with the great Jeffrey Tambor

She's so cool that "cool" is in her name, On the set of 2 Broke Girls with Stifler's mom, the iconic Jennifer Coolidge. 

How many kids from Queens get to have lunch with Mr. T? Sell my clothes I'm going to heaven!